Our Philosophy


We offer only the best grain and hay with quality assurance for your peace of mind. There is no quantity limit on hay and we pride ourselves on offering premium hays. This is by far the healthiest and most natural way to maintain your equine friend. We take this very seriously and many gastric, as well as stress issues, can be taken care of by simply giving these naturally foraging creatures the forage that they need to keep their body in working order.

We feed Cavalor grain, used by top riders all over the world. When moving to our facility, the manager will work with you to customize your horse's "menu" to best support their job and, most importantly, their health. Whether you plan on fox hunting or to go to the FEI stadiums, Cavalor Feed is the safest, healthiest choice for all horses. It is FEI and Jockey Club approved, so you never have to worry about testing. Please refer below, or call us, for more information about Cavalor feed.

We combine the our quality nutritional programs with leading physical therapy programs available. We offer PEMF, Laser and vibration therapy to all horses, either as part of board (premium/rehab) or on an a la carte basis. We’ve found that giving horses under our care the best in nutrition as well as the best physical therapy helps them perform their best.

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